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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Why Control 1977; Eric's Friday November 18th 1977

After searching the internet for days, I have confirmed the date that Paul Cook and Steve Jones arrived at Eric's. I had a couple of facts, I remembered that the Buzzcocks were performing at the club on the same night, and the Pistols were in Liverpool promoting their Album at Virgin records.

28th October 1977
The Sex Pistols' debut album, 'Never Mind The Bollocks' is released. It follows hot on the heels of 'Spunk' the bootleg album that features the band's original demos that Malcolm took round all the companies.

Friday, 18 November 1977
The Pistol's first visit today is to Virgin records in Manchester, then it's on to Piccadilly Radio followed by BBC Radio Manchester. On to Liverpool and the Virgin record shop. After this they visit Radio City and BBC Radio Merseyside. During the evening Paul and Steve head over to Eric's 9 Mathew Street, Liverpool to watch The Toilets, The Fall, and The Buzzcocks. Alg and Mart talk to Steve Jones at the bar, Paul spends most of the evening sitting off to one side with a couple of girls. Later Steve throws a beer glass at Pete Shelly as he is performing, but he misses and nobody is hurt.

25th December 1977
The Sex Pistols play an afternoon Christmas Party at Huddersfield's Ivanhoes Club for children of local firemen, laid-off workers and single-parents. 1,000 bottles of pop and a huge cake are supplied by Virgin who also lay on free busses. In the evening the Pistols play the same venue. This would be the last UK performance of the Pistols before their US tour and split.

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