Teenage Punk Rockers

This site explores the punk culture as it was in 1977 England. We were teenage punk rockers that wrote a fanzine and formed a garage band.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bombsite eZine 13

Bombsite eZine 13
Ian England Chester punk Venue, Noise Agents, Shag Nasty, Eric's Forgotten, Wah! Heat, Kings of the Delmar, NYC punk model Steffi Kubicek, Viki Vortex, Malaysian Street Boundaries
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bombsite eZine issue 12

Bombsite eZine Twelve
The Derellas, The Skunks, First Time Riot, Shag Nasty, The Spitfire Boys, Radio Riot 2, The Abrasive Wheels, Danger's Close, Brown Bag Records
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Bombsite eZine 2009 - The Skunks

Click to enlarge Page 2 Issue 12 www.myebook.com/bombsite1977/

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