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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bombsite Fanzine 1977; Eric's Handbills

The [1st] Eric's handbill below has recently been discovered as part of the Bombsite Fanzine stuff, stashed in Mark's spare room for the past 30 years. The other copies can be found in a few different locations on the internet. Nothing from 1977 so far...

Eric's Gig list September 1978
Eric's Gig List 1978 Robbo Johnson's Collection

Eric's Gig list November 1979
Eric's Gig list May 1978
Eric's Gig list March 1979
Eric's Gig list December 1978
Eric's gig List 1979 Part Of Robbo Johnson's collection

Eric's Gig list November 1979 [b]
Eric's Gig list May 1978 [b]
Eric's Gig list August 1978

Interesting Eric's promotion badge March 10th 1977

The Following from Mel's Soulkiss collection


  1. Hey Martin

    I might have some stuff for you...x Eric's bits and pieces...flyers etc

  2. Hi there,
    I've just discovered your blog right now! My best compliments, it's very amazing read about Eric's and the bands played here at the times.
    I'm a passionate about Eric's and the Liverpool post-punk scene and recently I've found one folder with many documents owned by the staff of the club.
    For example +40 riders of contracts of bands, many signed by Roger Eagle, as Stiff Little Fingers , Skids, Inner Circle, Simple Minds, Kleenex, Raincoats and Cabaret Voltaire, Rough Trade, Slits, Human League, Joe Jackson, The Ruts , Original Mirrors, Steel Pulse, Tom Robinson/Sector 27, John Cooper Clarke, Pretenders, Distractions, 999, Generation X, Dangerous Girls, Interview, Steel Pulse , The Specials, The Undertones, The Adverts, Toyah, The Chords, The Selecter , Secret Affairs+ Purple Hearts;
    I'm always looking for Eric's handbills, flyers and everything related Jayne Casey and her bands (Big in Japan, Pink Military, Pink Industry), so if everyone wish to trade material with me, please feel free to write: rinaldodelvigo(at)libero(dot)it
    Cheers again!
    Thank you Bombsite
    (also after the Big in Japan review on #2 :-), of course not agree)

  3. Would love to know if you are still out there doing this blog
    I am married to the drummer of Destroyers as you state....
    if you want more info on Destroyers, 3D, 3D (a fish N C), Berlin, Snapshots, Sneaks
    please get in touch
    Sue email: southamptonmeat@gmail.com

    Destroyers - band of mid to late 70s, feat; Ian Barry (bass) (later of 3d A Fish in Sea, Snapshots, Sneax), Mark Barry (gtr), They played Erics more times than any other band (resident band early 77 to early 78). Ian has sinced moved to California & Mark is recording a Granada TV (Jan03) for Peter Hooton (The Farm) about the Liverpool scene in the late 70's early 80's.


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