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Monday, May 25, 2009

Bombsite Fanzine ; Punks Not Dead

To balance things out, I must note that I moved to Toledo, Ohio, in 1981. And this is straight up, most had never heard of punk rock. Some had read bits in the newspaper and would comment with some humor. But the world was a much bigger place. Back then, I would run out to NY City every chance I could, to get some 3 chord energy. The Cleveland Agora would get a few bands passing through, but only a handful of enthusiasts would attend. Lords of the New Church somewhere in 82 about 100 people on a Wed night. Later, The Pistols at the Flats August 13th 1996 on the Nautica stage. The venue was no where near sold out. By the way, both concerts were classic.
Punk rock fires up where it is needed, where it is required, and then it moves on to fix another social blemish. Punk rock is a living entity that avoids commercialization, but when it is spotted, the wagoneers will try to capitalize on it, as it leaves through the back door, to relocate somewhere else in the world far away. Hence the "Punks not dead" slogan that has now circulated for about 30 years.
I will agree, some of the 76 punk in the UK was about fashion, but the culprit, was one street in London, The Kings Road, an amazing place at the time. Youths and musicians from all over world would be drawn to that street with a strong curiosity. The street was wealthy at one end and dirt poor on the other.
Europeans and Americans would stay and work the fashion stores, bars and boutiques illegally, just to be part of the vibrant scene. But punk moved on quickly to find places like Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and Ulster where violence and unemployment ruled the streets. There was no money for "Chelsea up market boutique" clothing here. Kids in these cities would steal clothes from thrift stores or army stores and try to create something different with spray paint or dye. The Pistols had already split and the Clash were considered sell outs when the scene was fixing these other social disasters in 78.
And so it goes, Punks Not Dead, it is still a juvenile. And finding it's new location, before big biz arrives will be an ongoing adventure for all of the people that need a fix of it's energy.
Thanks Mart

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