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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bombsite Fanzine 1977; The Mutants

The Mutant's ! A funny thing happened that summer, Mark was walking down City Road past the Black Abbot's recording studio in Chester, and Paul Codman drummer for the Mutant's, was standing in the doorway and stopped him.
The shakedown was like "Hey Punk did you hear of the Mutant's? Well we are recording our record right here". Mark and I spent the next couple of days hanging out with them in the studio as they recorded their EP. Paul was pushing the band to capture a Pistols sound on the tracks. But they were a mixed bag of musical backgrounds, and the sound came out that way.

The Mutants originated from Birkenhead and featured ; Paul Codman on drums. Later Paul moved on to join Egypt For Now. On guitar was Keith Wilson who was born in Kensington, Liverpool, and whose family background include actors, theater managers and entertainers. He later worked extensively throughout the UK and Europe as an actor, director, stand-up poet and musician.

On stage they were energetic, similar to Slaughter and the Dogs, but the art crowd was not letting them in at Eric's.
The Bombsite writers watched them play on a few occasions at the Havana in Liverpool, and in Bombsite #1 there is a write-up of a concert where they supported the Jam playing at Mr. Digby's in Birkenhead. The Bombsite writers spent most of the time with Paul. We remember how he expressed his frustration to be accepted as a Liverpool punk band.

The Mutants evolved from a space rock band that would practice above Skeleton records shop. Roddie Gilliard later with the Muffin Men, joined and brought his love of the MC5 and Pink Fairies into the picture. They released two singles in 1977 on the local ROX label, the first was Bossman and hit the Sounds indie chart. Their London debut was at the Roxy in Covent Garden
supporting The Police.


  1. i was at jam mutants gig and others on a thursday night marseille coyote trb

  2. My dad was in this band :)
    He was the drummer!
    He took over Paul who moved to Egypt.
    His name is Paul Brady



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