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Monday, April 28, 2008

Bombsite Fanzine 1977; The Worst

Eric's September 3rd 1977 The Buzzcock's, The Rage and The Worst ;
The greatest thing about the Worst was, they represented perfectly the lives of thousands of unemployed British kids. They embodied the spirit of youthful rebellion and served as a symbol of resolve to break away from generations of traditional bureaucracy. As their authentic performances inspired others to get out and do something. During that Summer, hundreds of bands formed in different parts of the country that looked and sounded just like the Worst. Collectively, we only needed a few to represent the punk legacy. These lad's were part of the answer, designed and developed from punk generation street DNA. They appeared ambivalent about their image on and off the stage. The projected message was not to tell us all to support the downtrodden, [ref Billy Brag and Paul Weller]. The message was let's create a new future of entrepreneurs and self starters. This was a band playing live with Woolworth's equipment, ad libbing their set whilst supporting The Buzzcock's. Imagine that today. The Worst also presented a serious value for the cause. This discipline and obedience worked to mature their punk image of morality and freedom ....... The Worst released no records, and that is how it needed to be. They represent the legacy of many, the punks that served in the trenches. Bands that did not go vinyl but stayed true to their core. The fanzine writers that did not write a book and sell out to a publisher. The designers that made their own clothing and did not compromise their styles. To take away the spontaneity would dilute the do-it-yourself vision of 1977.
Below; Early Buzzcock's Manchester Classic


  1. Damn, somebody out there must have a recording of the Worst - surely one of the greatest unheard acts of the punk nostalgia scene. Thanks for digging out the clipping!

    - dave

  2. Thanks Dave,
    Yes, I agree would be great to listen again.
    My estimate is that someone has a Buzzcocks or Fall tape from Eric's or the Electric Circus, and the Worst are hidden on the tape somewhere. The owner of the tape most likely can't figure out who the band is.
    Mike Peters from The Alarm had a tape of the Toilet's, Buzzcocks gig at Eric's but that was stolen from his car in the 80's. There was some taping done at Eric's by some of the DJ's but many of the tapes have gone now.

  3. The only known recording of the Worst, that I know of that actually does exist was on the SHORT CIRCUIT - Live at the Electric Circus album, but was dropped from final selection at the last minute. Tony Wilson (Gawd bless 'im) was the only person I knew who definately had copies of the recordings. Richard Boon, ex Buzzcocks manager probably has a copy also. Both un-available!!


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