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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bombsite Fanzine 1977; Radio Blank

On July 16th 1977 the writers headed over to Eric's to see The Jam play. The evening is written about in Bombsite #1. On their way over, and to their disappointment they discover that the Jam had canceled the show.

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The Jam were getting to be fairly well known, so anyone filling the spot would have a challenge. Radio Blank a newly formed Liverpool band got the billing for the night. Bombsite reviewed the evening and noted that the band did not appear to feel much like a punk band, but they played a varied set that included The Stranglers Peaches, and David Bowie's Suffragette City, and the overall performance was pretty good. They were followed by the Spitfire Boys who were having equipment problems, but still exploded with tons of energy.

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Punk Rockers and Eric's regulars, Melanie Smith and Vanessa Goode were also at the show that night and took some photos of the bands. Melanie's blog commentary records more of the evening in her diary at www.soulkiss.co.uk

Credits to Melanie and Vanessa for the David Balfe picture above;

Radio Blank played Eric's five times in their year-long career. This four-piece, formed in November 1976, played R&B inspired punk. The group was composed of:

Alan Gill : guitar, vocals
Dave Balfe : bass, vocals, Keyboard
Keith Hartley : vocals
Stephen Brick : drums - [Note;- If any one can assist, looking for photos and any recordings]

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They are remembered for an arty or experimental approach to their music and performances with artists & poets sometimes joining them on stage.
Over time they had some changes in their lineup including; Dave Hughes, Chris Teepee, Martin Cooper whom later joined OMD, Andy McCluskey also member of OMD, Kenny Peers, Gordon Hon and Max.
In 1978, Dave Balfe left the group to join Big In Japan and then later he joined The Teardrop Explodes and worked on Echo and the Bunnymen's first album release. In July 1980 Alan Gill joined Dave Balfe in The Teardrop Explodes. Alan Gill co-wrote their most successful single, Reward.
According to Teardrop Explodes Julian Cope, Alan Gill was arrested and put in jail for 18 months for being a drug dealer. His defense was that he gave most of the drugs away and that through the free distribution of skunk he was providing access to a higher realm of consciousness. After setting up Zoo records with Bill Drummond, Dave Balfe went on to be a record company mogul via Food Records (Jesus Jones, Blur and Kula Shaker etc). Blur's Country House is about him.
Dave Balfe also directed two of Blur's early music videos, She’s So High and There’s No Other Way. He is now writing and directing both film and theater, and still lives in his UK house in the country.

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