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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bombsite Fanzine; Reconstruction Project

Along with a couple of other projects, I have been working to include a reconstruction of our 1977 Bombsite fanzines in episode format. These episodes coincide with each Bombsite issue with the original commentary expanded by the original writers to bring them up to date.
The whole thing started when Mark turned 50, as this event energized me to do something to try and capture the adventures we had during our teenage punk years.
Nothing too serious, and most likely not for resale, maybe for my daughter to read when she gets older, or for us, so that we don't forget our crazy energetic youth.
Mark, saved lots of items from the period, and found stories, photos and other stuff that has worked for the project. My sister had kept copies of Bombsite #1 and #2, and Dizzy from Bored Teenager found a copy of issue #5 with a fanzine collector in Greece. But issue three is still missing. We believe that issue #4 was skipped and not released.
Furthermore, I have been working alongside Dizzy at Detour records, and Paul over at Punk77. Both these guys run great punk reference sites on the internet, and have helped me find dates and threads of information for this project.

For 2008 completion, the overall project will recreate the four issues, as a limited redesigned book-set. This production includes original Bombsite interviews, Why Control adventures and memories from the era. Through the lives of three nineteen year old local punk rockers we aim to highlight the social value of experimental music, fashion and unleashed youth energy, as a mechanism to enhance urban change for Britain's north.

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  1. I think what you are doing is fantastic !! You should of stand tall and proud.


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