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Monday, March 17, 2008

Bombsite Fanzine 1977; Alternative TV

Eric's Liverpool, October 1st 1977; Former Bank clerk and "Sniffin Glue" fanzine writer Mark Perry played a brilliant show along with his band Alternative TV. Their cutting edge sound was a new hybrid of Brixton reggae, and droning punk music.

Mark P's fanzine introduced in July 1976, was originally an outlet to show support for the Ramones, as they toured the UK. Considered the first UK punk fanzine, "Sniffin Glue" reached a distribution volume of around 15000 by February 1977. The fanzines main distribution outlet was Rough Trade records, along with a few other London contacts. A lousy review of a Sex Pistols gig appeared in issue number 3.
In early 1977 Mark P formed a partnership with Miles Copeland and formed Step Forward Records. During March 1977, he formed Alternative TV along with guitarist Alex Fergusson, they performed their first gig together at the Nottingham Punk festival in May 1977.
During August 1977, the fanzine released their last issue #12, with Sham 69 on the front cover. Included in this issue was a flexi-disc EP with the Alternative TV track "Love Lies Limp".

 Support band was The Amazorblades - above clip from Mel's famous punk diary - find Mel at Mudkiss.

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