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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bombsite Fanzine 1977; Wayne County & The Electric Chairs

Wed November 23rd 1977: U.S band "Wayne County and the Electric Chairs" arrived for their second appearance at Eric's club in Liverpool. Wayne County along with The Dead Boys, The Stooges, The New York Dolls, The Heartbreakers and a few other bands were part of the CBGB's punk extravaganza, who interestingly could relate to the eclectic Eric's club regulars.
London based "Sniffin Glue" zine writer Mark Perry and his band Alternative TV, supported Wayne County for this gig.
The following clips are from Bombsite issue #5 with additional commentary about the Alternative TV performance elsewhere on this site.

Earlier during August 1977 Wayne County and the Electric Chairs were offered a spot at the UK Reading Music Festival. They were considered the first punk band to play that event. Their performance was hampered with a mud slinging exchange between the band and the audience, commonplace today, but in 1977 this demonstrated the audience resistance toward an alternative style and punk rock.
Issue #5 included some guest writer contributions, Chris Harrap, had performed some Eric's DJ dates wrote the following review. Chris had got to know Eric's manager Roger Eagle from some earlier DJ work in Wigan during the Northern Soul period.

Chris lived in North Wales and was friendly with Mike Peter's who was also an Eric's regular. Chris convinced Mike that he could help promote his band "The Toilets". Chris organized an ill fated tour of London venues during 1978. The band traveled to London and played no shows and attracted no interest from record companies. Although they were not alone, London venues were only interested in promoting local punks, and the record companies were more interested in U.S punk bands or Kings Road clothing boutique employees with spikey haircuts and guitars.

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