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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bombsite Fanzine 2008; Detroit's Choking Susan

Above; Choking Susan, Detroit Punk Rockers.

Following in the footsteps of other rockers such as Siouxsie Sioux, Chrissie Hynde, Poly Styrene, Debbie Harry, The Slits and even Patti Smith, she’s a Punk Rocker.
Maybe it's the inherent ambiguity of rock music, but it still stands out when a woman takes the front spot on stage. Especially when the vocalist is as unique as Colleen Caffeine, in this raw energy punk band from Detroit. No disrespect to the other band members who have passionately pushed forward and are now seeing some payback for there hard work. The band, Choking Susan have toured Europe and North America and have a well rounded balance of experience, branding and an energetic sound that should get them a win.
Before the band heads off to play their European dates, including the UK's Rebellion Punk Festival . I caught up with Colleen who gave me her views on the 1977 punk scene.

Bombsite Fanzine
Part of the reason that the UK was a launch pad for Punk rock in 76 - 77 is because the British economy through that period was suffering. Do you guys see that as a similarity or a scene where the kids need an outlet in Detroit and Cleveland in the 2008 lousy economy?
With technology as it is, I don't think it can be too similar.. The world is at anyone's finger tips freely through a library.. People feel that there's hope and a future, but want everyone to change it for them.. The punks of the 70's wanted to change it themselves..
Theres no true, real punk scene in Detroit..!

Bombsite Fanzine
I know that Choking Susan is off to the annual punk festival in the UK very soon. There are a few 77 bands playing that gig, the Vibrators, The Lurkers, UK Subs and Anti Nowhere are a few, is there an allegiance with Choking Susan and any particular classic punks at the show?
No , other than we've been fans of theirs forever... 77 punk ,particularly from the UK, is what we grew up on.. We're thrilled to be playing the fest for the second year in a row...

Above; The Energetic Colleen Caffeine Rocking Detroit

Bombsite Fanzine
If you had participated in the Joe Strummer "camp-fire story" movie, The Future is Unwritten, is there something about Strummer that you would discuss?
Well i didn't see it, actually .... My opinion would be, we need more cowbell..

Bombsite Fanzine
In 1968, the Detroit rock scene witnessed a transformation into something that was purely raw, rough, and messy. This sound was rock & roll but was also equal parts anger, determination and attitude spawning a unique high-energy rock scene in antithesis to Motown and the more mellow bands popular on the east and west coasts. This new found high-energy rock was no truer than with the MC5 (Motor City Five) and the protopunk Iggy & the Stooges. These two bands laid the groundwork for the future punk and hard rock movements in the late 1970s.
The foregoing commentary is from Wiki, and is a refreshing contrast to the usual CBGB's Ramone's version of the genre history. Does this theory contrast with your views of the movement?
That is the most often talked about theory.. New York says they started punk, Detroit says they started it, England says they did too.
I"m sure it all happen simultaneously.. It couldn't be stopped.. Everywhere we were feeling the pains of the economy and shitty politics... The only outlet, Rock n Roll.

Bombsite Fanzine
Asia is a big market now for punk rockers. From the Philippines to China and over to Japan we see rockers that do a great job emulating the 70's energy. Do you see a tour in the future to that part of the world? Or do you have an Asian fan base?
we were offered a tour of Japan but it fell thru.. We'd love to play that market..I think they've always loved American punk ..I know the Ramones did very well there..
If I had a connection to help us to play there, I'd be there tomorrow! if you know anyone send them my way! :)

Bombsite Fanzine
You have a good Detroit / New York punk sound with loads of energy that resonates out of your music. As I look around the web, I see people comparing the band to the Stooges with some Pretenders along with a blend of The Ramone's. Is there a style that you try to get across ?
Maybe being born in Detroits turmoil has given us a stooges edge?
being the biggest fan of the Ramones, its very flattering to be compared to them :)

Bombsite Fanzine
You have toured North America and Europe extensively. Have you worked or toured with any of the 77 classic punks here in the US?
I see that "The Duel" hooked up with Knox from the Vibrators for some collaboration tunes, will we see anything like that from you guys anytime soon?
Yes! we played here with Blitz, The Vibrators and Abrasive Wheels! Great bands!
We'd love to Collaborate like that! If it happens, that would be great! A dream come true! :)

Read more about Choking Susan and their 2008 European Tour at my UK associate website MUDKISS;

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