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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bombsite Fanzine 2008; Treatment Bound

A diverse music scene has quietly been developing between the Ambassador Bridge and Michigan's route 23. And why not, as Detroit is ground zero for the lousy US economy, and people feel the need to express themselves. In the clubs, pubs and dives, Chevy Rebel Rock integrates into the emotional fabric of the underground music scene. A cry from a middle aged city where beer is cheaper than gasoline.
Scratch beneath the wallpaper, and you will find musicians with the same anxiety, frustrations and energy that produced our punk rock heroes from the 70's. Bombsite fanzine invites you to take a listen to the music of "Treatment Bound", fronted by Detroit's telecaster master, Brian "Homeless" Milne. Listen to the tracks a couple of times, and you find an interesting texture of cigarettes, vodka, hard work and live music.

Your music, rockabilly punk? How long have you been playing?

Ha.. I guess I think of it as Midwestern Punk.. Some people call it cow-punk.. I tend not to fit into any genre, and to be honest I kinda like it that way...
What do you think it sounds like?

I like it. It has more grit than most. Some of the phsychobilly or Cow punk stuff I have heard is a little zany for me. The Stray Cats and Brian Setzer dropped in right as the punk thing was simmering down in the UK around 80.
That sound was new to me, back then I enjoyed it. Managed to catch them play a few places around Michigan and Ohio, even once in Bowling Green. Do you get into any of the early punk stuff?

Oh yea! I dig a lot of the early stuff!!
I was around then!! Graduated in 83, hit college as the Midwestern punk stuff was breakin in the early 80's dig a lot of it. Saw a lot of shows back then as well.

Yes, I understand the Stray Cats were playing around New Jersey and headed off to the UK to see if they could catch a lift from the UK scene. I remember Dave Edmond's was in the mix somewhere too. Chris Spedding did some of the production work for the Pistol's Anarchy album, and he was a bit of a rockabilly guy.. Are you into the Anarchy album?

I really felt like I cut my teeth on that album.
I had it on cassette and wore it out. I really liked Steve's guitar playing.
I figured it out back then, the music wasn't all that new, but the ATTITUDE was everything!! And the Live show was above all the key...
Which suited me just fine, cuz my playing wasn't great, and I was using so I was in the right frame of mind... So yea, it was a big part of what I am, as a musician, you?

Oh yes, great record. It's interesting because when the Pistols thing hit, they were into the anti-hero branding, so Steve and the PR downplayed the skill sets, almost misinformed. I watched Steve the other day during the Guitar Hero Anarchy / Pretty vacant introduction. During the interviewed he admitted that he played guitar and bass on the album. As things were at odds with Glen Matlock, and Sid Vicious was in the hospital with hepatitis. If you have not seen the clips they are on YouTube. Part of this press commentary was to point out that the record company had misplaced the original master recordings, apparently they are either lost or were stolen. How about Strummer and the Ramones do they fit into your collection?

I think the nature of Steve's playing made the Pistols accessible to young wannabes like myself.
Strummer, I didn't appreciate until later. I was more raw in the early days. Now The Ramones hell yea.. GREAT song writing, above all else especially the early stuff.. Clean it up, slow it down, and add harmonies, and you had classic 60's pop.. And again just so accessible, I mean the music is/was there for someone with 3 months guitar playing under their belt to just hash it out... BRILLIANT STUFF!!

How about you and my main squeezes..? How about Husker DU, Social D and my #1 The Replacements?

Yes, when Joe Strummer joined up with Mick Jones he had good guitar cover. Husker Du were never really understood until later, not sure why. But yes, all my style.
Did you start playing right out of high school? What style back then? Iggy's, "lust for life", I play to wake me up some mornings..

Right on!
I started in high school and played regular rock back then... Listened to some punk, and was attracted to the energy and rawness..
But, when I went away to college and lived in a college town I was floored!!!
I heard a bootleg of The Replacements Hootenanny and was hooked.. Got a band going that first year! and the rest is "Homeless" history...(well more of a side bar...lol)
Always found "Don't want to know if you're lonely" was my favorite Du song...

How about old style punk bands from UK or US, did you ever gig with any?

Not really...
No-one famous... I did meet Mike Ness from Social Distortion, early on, maybe fresh outta rehab.. But, I was using and thought he was full of shit, so I didn't talk to him much..
He was a power house though.. I thought he wouldn't go anywhere..
What do I know!

Also I was VERY anti-establishment very anti label... If you were known or had a name for yourself, I would be rude to prove I really didn't give a shit..
Not the smartest career move ever I suppose.
I still fight that urge...

I did open for a lot of local stuff. There was a college circuit back then hitting colleges from Minn to Chicago lots of cool dives..We were too wasted to do much and had trouble holding a
line up together, given the amount of consumables.
I may not been able to stand up some nights but I always played!!!


Well, I know what you mean about the anti-everything, label, suits, management, record industry for principle. We did the same thing, as our buddies were all getting snapped up by labels during 77-78 we were the rebel rockers that were a bit too cool for all that. Moreover, most of the bands around us we felt were all a bit nerdy. Over time that proved to be the
wrong way to go, and the guys having good management, a focus, and some industry guidance got the deals. Even when I read Joe Strummers biography and watched the movie "The Future is Unwritten" I was a bit let down by the way McLaren and Rhodes appeared to construct the bands. Most of that is kept away from the buying public, as the game must be concealed.
I was thinking about your sound, do you have a Dr. Feelgood part to your music? I feel a little of that grit in your music.

You know, I dig what Dr. Feelgood did, and I hadn't thought of the connection until you mentioned it. I think there is a stronger connection to what I'm doing here in Treatment Bound than I realized. The gruff voice, and raw delivery of music are similar but the connection to roots music was something I missed. But also, I think it was honest. If you gave them any song to play, when they played it you would know it was Dr. Feelgood. I think that nails Treatment Bound.

This started as something very personal. I've never sung before. But I was listening to a lot of American roots and alt. country stuff for a while. and when I played this stuff back for a friend, It came out of me differently. It came out as what you hear in the Treatment Bound sound. Its just how things come out of me. He gave me brilliant advice...He told me to play what I play when I'm alone and when no-one is listening. He also convinced me share songs that I've thought too personal. Really, I've done my best to heed that advice, and that what Treatment Bound is. If its anything, its as honest as I can be musically. It is what comes out of me even if no-one else listens. I think thats why it doesn't sound like much else. Its a mix of all my experiences and influences, they just come out of me kinda fucked up.....and I'm OK with that.

Treatment Bound are Brian "Homeless" Milne vocals and guitar
Dan Allen(drums) and Jeff Navarre)bass) who really makes this easy for me and their contributions are priceless. I can be a train wreck some nights.. It is who I am.. But they keep it together and are a great source of support for me personally and musically. I don't think I could ever thank them enough for all they do.

It has been a treat Martin! Gotta run, but It was been an absolute BLAST getting to know you better... I'm stoked !!
Listen to Treatment Bound at the following link -
Catch them Live at the Double OO in Redford MI September 19th
photos used with permission of Treatment Bound

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